Establishing a RAID 1 on a SBS 2008 machine

As many people have noted, trying to establish a hardware RAID on a SBS2008 install on a machine that uses the AMD chipset is impossible. I have seen 50 questions about this on the Internet with no answers that worked for me. I tried every trick I could think of, installing Small Business Server 2008 about 15 times trying to make it work. I tried different drivers. I tried installing it on a single drive, then making it a RAID. Nothing works.

Apparently the reason is that the AMD drivers are not signed. When SBS 2008 tries to promote the machine to be the domain server, it refuses to do it with unsigned drivers and blue screens (BSOD) with error 0x0000007b, which immediately reboots.

The only solution that I have found is to use a software RAID. Letting Windows manage the RAID worked the first time. This isn't what I prefer, but having a software RAID is better than having none.

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  1. this is cool and em surely gonna try this out... thanks for sharing this :)


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