Netflix Won't Run on Windows 8 with Hyper-V Installed

I tried to get the Windows 8 Windows Store version of Netflix to run. It wouldn't. Netflix clearly says that it won't run in a virtual machine. However, what they don't tell you is that it won't run at all if Hyper-V (the Windows 8 technology that allows virtual machines) is even installed on the machine, with no virtual machine even running. Uninstall Hyper-V and everything runs again.

I imagine that this is some kind of very badly implemented DRM (Digital Rights Management) scheme. They are probably afraid that if there is a virtual machine running that it can somehow intercept the unencrypted video stream coming from their server allowing someone to create movies that can be pirated. If I have a need for Hyper-V on that machine, though, I am going to uninstall Netflix not Hyper-V. Poor planning and engineering on their part. If DRM is implemented, it needs to be completely unintrusive to the non-pirate. Unfortunately this is almost never the case.


  1. FYI... i am running Win8Pro w/MCE and Netflix App works fine for me and i have 3 Hyper-V VM's running just fine. (however netflix will not run in the VM, only on the Host machine).

  2. Must because you are smart and Greg (and I) aren't... because Netflix is NOT running for me either. Worse, I implemented a BCDEDit workaround that was suggested in another MS Forum post and now Hyper-V machines don't run either, even after rebooting.

    Worst, I've got 50+ hours invested here in the 4 installs (1 Win 7 machine is installed also), not to mention the bucks for 2 extra Win 8 licenses. And nothing works. That is except that #@!?!# "modern" UI which I pass thru a dozen times an hour to get to my desktop so I can work.

  3. I know this post is older...but did you solve it Rodger?

    From what I understand if you have an ATi/AMD based graphics card this is when the issue occurs, and it works fine on nVidia/Intel/etc based GPU's.

    Is this the case for you and Greg?

  4. Yep, problem still persists. With every Netflix update I hope this will get fixed, but it never does. Very disappointing.

  5. Another way long overdue post from me. It's not Netflix or other app vendors that can take care of this. AMD has specifically disabled DRM support on Windows 8 when running Hyper-V.

    I talked with some engineers and execs with AMD and they said they have no plans for this to change. :(


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