Change Visual Studio Task Bar Button to Run as Administrator

For some tasks, you need to run Visual Studio as an administrator. For example, if a build of a project needs to register for COM interop, Visual Studio will need to be run as an administrator. The easiest way to do that is to pin Visual Studio to the task bar, then change the button to run as an administrator.

To pin Visual Studio to the task bar, in the Start menu, right click on the shortcut for Visual Studio, click More, then select Pin to Task Bar. Then:
  1. Right click on the new Visual Studio icon on the task bar
  2. Right click on Visual Studio 2017 (or whatever version you are dealing with) from the menu that appears
  3. Left click on Properties from the menu that appears
  4. Click the Advanced button in the dialog
  5. Check the Run as Administrator check box
  6. Press OK on all the dialogs

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