Visual Studio 2017 Missing Guidgen.exe

I installed Visual Studio 2017 on a machine today. I installed the minimal set of things needed to perform the compile that I needed. When I went to create a GUID, selecting Tools > Create GUID from the Visual Studio menu, it complained that it was missing guidgen.exe. I went back to the Visual Studio installer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\vs_installer.exe) and selected Modify. From there I selected Individual components, then check the box for VC++ 2017 v141 toolset (x86,x64) in the Compilers, build tools, and runtimes section. When I clicked the Modify button, it then installed the guidgen.exe program, among other things.

This is actually a bug in the Visual Studio 2017 install. It should not add the Create GUID to the tools menu if it doesn't also install the guidgen.exe tool.

I reported this bug to Microsoft. They say that it is fixed in an upcoming release.

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