Visual Studio 2019 Community has CodeLens

I have been asking for many years in this blog that Visual Studio get CodeLens on the cheaper versions.of Visual Studio. CodeLens shows the number of references to piece of code immediately below the method first line, and quickly allows getting to those references. It is actually configurable, so it can show other information as well, but the reference count is the default.

When Microsoft first made CodeLens available, it was only available on the $12000 version of Visual Studio. It has finally made its way into the Community Edition as of the recent release of Visual Studio 2019. The Community Edition is the version available for free for very small companies, educational, and personal use.

Now if they would make Code Coverage available on the Community Edition, it would make me happy. Code Coverage allows seeing what code has been hit by test suites and where additional tests need to be written. There is the free AxoCover that does pretty well, but having the Microsoft version available would be better. This is my biggest missing feature in the Visual Studio that I use.

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