How to Move a Window When You Can't Click on the Title Bar

This is a little tip for how to move a window when, for some reason, the title bar is off the top of the screen. This can happen when  you change screen resolutions or have a window on a second monitor that is no longer available and the window gets moved to the main monitor. The trick is to click Alt+<Space>, M, then use the arrow keys to move the window.

If you went back many years ago, the application menu icon in the upper left of the window used to look like a minus sign. It now shows the application icon. Except that wasn't a minus sign, it was a picture of the space bar on the keyboard. Nobody, not even the programmers at Microsoft, got the reference that Alt+<Space> activates the application menu. M is the access key for Move. Once Move is activated, the arrow keys become active to move the window.

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