Getting a Microsoft Publisher Style Color to Stick

In Microsoft Publisher, If you try to set a font color in a style, it won't seem to save. If you change the color, it will look like it saved, but if you close the file, open it again, the color will have reset to black. The trick to getting it to actually save is to change both the fill color and the outline color. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Home > Styles > Styles
  2. Right click on the style you want to change
  3. Click the "Text effects..." button
  4. Click the Text Fill & Outline button at the top
  5. Set the Text Fill to the Solid fill option
  6. Pick your color
  7. Set the Text Outline to the Solid line option
  8. Pick the same color
  9. Click OK

Now your color will save to the style.

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